RBI Girls Available Now!

Meet the phenomenal baseball players of the Finches Little League baseball team: Rebecca Johnston, the starting shortstop, Bianca Trumont, starting pitcher, and Isabel Sanchez, starting catcher. They have a lot to prove as the only three girls in the league. With the support of their parents and coaches these three power players hope to lead The Staten Island Finches to the top of the league and win their first Championship. The RBI Girls is available for purchase now on and!

The Kippington Town Secret Series!!!

Ria, Ramone, Collin, Cecilia, Natasha and Tate are 7th grade reporters for the Kippington Middle School Report. The popular daily show gives students the ins and outs of Kippington Town. With Spring Break right around the corner Ria, the manager of the KMS Report decides to make changes. When the news reporters agree to a new segment named 'Kippington Revealed' they never would have imagined what would happen next. Are rumors about the mysterious Shadow Hill Forest true? The KMS news crew suspects something is amiss in Kippington Town and they are going to find out the truth. Join the news crew as they search for answers in The Kippington Town Secret series.

The KMS News Crew are officially defunct after Principal Kross and associates deem their school report a distraction. Ria, Ramone, Collin, Natasha, Cecilia, and Tate know the truth: Their segment "Kippington Revealed" uncovered a secret factory in Shadow Hill Forest. Despite a growing number of authority figures …

The Anti-Socialites Diaries 2nd Edition!!!


The Anti-Socialites Diary 6: The Lame Games

After a disastrous freshman year Asia and Tasia are doing everything they can to have a different social outcome during sophomore year. They decide to try out for everything including dance troupe, lacrosse, musicals, honor societies, etc. Despite their lack of talents they're determined to succeed at something, anything in order to make their mark at Wide Valley High.
Let the games begin!

The Anti-Socialites Diary 5: Misery High

Brand new school, brand new start for twin sisters Asia and Tasia McKinley. They arrive to their new neighborhood in Wide Valley hoping that high school will be exactly how fun it looks in the musicals they watched on television. They were wrong. Very wrong.

Asia finds herself being falsely accused by popular students and nearly getting in trouble for it. She hides out in the bathroom during lunch time because she has no one to sit with, and all the while she remembers the days when drawing Bookgirl used to help her cope with social issues at school. But nothing prepared her for this isolation.

Tasia doesn't fare any better as she becomes the target of a prank by enormous football players, she is ridiculed by her classmates during a group project and she also feels oddly outshined in her favorite subject math. She takes some solace in her science class when a student who shunned her ends up making a fool of himself, yet no amount of gaffes by her peers can shake the feelings of m…

The Anti-Socialites Diaries

Meet the most socially awkward twins in the world Asia and Tasia McKinley in the first book of The Anti-Socialites Diaries. It all begins with their tenth birthday party where none of the invited guests bother to show up. Asia and Tasia fear their luck is about to change in fifth grade at Whitlock Elementary School... for the worse.

In the first two months of the school year Asia faints at the State Spelling Bee and Tasia loses a major dance battle against her arch nemesis Porscha... that's only the beginning. During the winter Asia worries that her crush on class cutie Marc will never amount to anything until she gets a Secret Admirer Card on Valentine’s Day. Who could it be from? Meanwhile Tasia plans to rebound from her dance battle debacle at a Talent Show in the spring with the help of glam girl Rosalyn.

At the end of the school year both Asia and Tasia learn the importance of friendship and staying true to yourself amidst mounting social pressure to fit in.

In The Anti-Sociali…

Flyy Kites

“FLYY Kites! Get your cool, new kites for only 2 dollars! Great for a fun day at the park with friends and pets!” Mary shouted in front of our make shift stand Asia built out of cardboard and wood. Luckily for me and Tasia, many people knew Mary.
We sold out all 54 kites in one week. We made $100 by ourselves!!